Just for fun

Leadership is a balancing act. There are many competing interests that need to be addressed in any situation, and there never seems to be enough money to do everything you'd like to do. This blog is (mostly) about the things I would do if I were really in charge. Granted, a Mayor is no more... Continue Reading →

Census Data observations

This post is in progress, and will be added to as I work my way through the 2016 Census Data. Is growth in Brampton slowing down?  2006 2011 2016 Population 433,806 523,911 593,638  Growth    --   90,105 (+20.8% approx.) 69,727 (+13.3% approx.) Rate of growth, measured by a percent increase of residents over 5... Continue Reading →

Life would be easier if …

What is one of the little things that could make your life easier? Like, free WiFi on the bus, or snow plows that don't pile snow at the bottom of your driveway? Let me know your ideas!

It’s the little things

A city doesn't have the power to change the world. Brampton has no say in military spending, trade tariffs or insurance rates. So making a difference really boils down to thinking globally and acting locally. Take a problem as global as sexism. After all, we can't pass a by-law that cures the world of sexism.... Continue Reading →

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