Small business is still, well, business

Brampton is often criticized for its lack of Ivory Towers. Why don’t we have skyscrapers? Why is Mississauga building these towering corporate centres and we aren’t?

As of December 15, 2013, there were 8,595 businesses in Brampton. Total employment was 154,122. Over 77% of businesses in Brampton employ less than 10 people.

That means that Brampton is the home of small business.

Of the businesses that call Brampton home, in 2013 data, we saw that 15.9 per cent of all business establishments engaged in goods-producing activity with the other 84.1 per cent being service-producing.

It’s natural to suggest that 84.1% is high for the Service sector, when nationally, the service sector represents approximately 70% of GDP.

Do we need tall skyscrapers? Does anybody? We live in age where I can work anywhere there is a stable wi-fi connection, so is the lack of tall commercial buildings really a problem?

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  1. I like Brampton because there aren’t as many skyscrapers as other cities. I remember when Queen’s Square Building was being built on Queen Street East at Four Corners. It was the first professional tall building built in Brampton. There were already apartment buildings along Kennedy and Steeles.


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