Brampton is where I grew up

I moved to Brampton in 1983, living at 18 Knightsbridge in a rented apartment with my mom and two brothers. We moved to Heart Lake shortly after that, where my family lived until 2002.

During my undergrad, I split my time between student housing in Waterloo and home, working my way through my undergrad in Economics. I had many jobs, full time, part time, temp agency work, washing dishes to digging ditches. I would commute long hours on the Via train, often in the pitch black of night, to finish my degree and pay my expenses. I still graduated with a tonne of debt.

I then lived in London, Ontario while I completed my law degree. It was impossible to commute to Brampton for work, but I still held down part time jobs, and I graduated, now with even more debt

After law school, I set down my roots in Brampton, got married and rented an apartment on Silver Maple, across from the City Centre. I have lived in Btamlton ever since, and imagine Inwill live here until I retire.

I am, as they say, All In.

This blog is for all the reason I love this city, and all the things Inthink  can make better; not because I don’t really like it here, or think Brampton is less of a city, but hecause I love it, and want the world to see the city the way I see it. I want everyone to have the opportunities I had to grow, live, play and succeed right here, in the great City of Brampton, Ontario






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  1. Without employment, one is unable to avail oneself of the opportunities…in any community. Everything costs money, and when one doesn’t have much of that, those people are excluded and looking at those who have the opportunity.


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