John Street connection

City council made the wise decision to realign John Street and James Street. I say Wise, because this could really be an alternative gateway into the Four Corners area, giving vehicles a more useful manner to avoid using Queen Street to avoid congestion, accidents, events, or for turning left to travel south.

The re-alignment can also revamp what is currently an eye sore, and I strongly encourage City Hall to Go Big on this, as Four Corners can ill afford another Go Home effort to beautify the area.john-street

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  1. John Street becomes a one-way Street at Mary Street though.
    Turn south off Queen onto James, turn right onto John Street, left onto Mary Street. Then either turn right onto Wellington to Main, or follow Mary St., which becomes Guest St. to Main (but no lights), or turn left onto one-way Beatty Street from Mary/Guest by Cardinal Leger, right onto Clarence, which does have traffic lights at Main.


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