Land of the mini-malls

Brampton has a reputation as a land of mini-malls (hey, don’t shoot the messenger). The real shame is not the existence of these convenient, cost effective commercial Centres. The real shame is that once they are built, the city treats them as a fact of life requiring no more thought or ongoing maintenance. The result: a stark divide between the “good” landlords and the “bad” landlords. 

Economics plays a role. No question. 

Factors beyond the control of either Landlord or Tenant can sway the fortunes of the entrepreneurs that call a mini-mall home.  Then again, in some cases, you get miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (W. Gretzky).

As #MayorJackson2018 I will bring forward comprehensive property maintenance standards to ensure that these structures cannot fall into such states of disrepair that one has to wonder if they aren’t condemned. This is, simply put, not the highest and best use of our employment and commercial corridor lands. 

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  1. Is the picture of the mall of the one on the north-east area near Kennedy and Queen that was a Canadian Tire store in the 1960’s? It wasn’t built as a mall, but one store which has been turned into multiple units. Canadian Tire moved to the south- west corner of Kennedy and Queen ( now occupied by Shopper’s Drug Mart and other smaller businesses) before moving to Shopper’s World…


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