Museum of the Mississaugas

At the back of “Mount” Chinguacousy is an unused area with a walking path and not much to see.

A look at the Utah Museum of Natural History, which is also built into the side of a mountain (in part anyway), tells that an identically sized Museum could be nestled right into the size of Mt. Chinguacousy. In addition, Brampton is lacking its own Observation Tower along the lines of the Leaning Tower, CN Tower or Eiffel Tower. And there is ample space in the same area for 30 to 40 story Tower, constructed with the help of the First Nations People, that resembles a Totem Pole (for example) with a large Observation Deck on top looking over Chinguacousy Park and the Chinguacousy Trial that runs to the north of the City. Something that honors the Ojibwa people who were the First Nations of Ontario. 

In our concept art, below, we imagine in crude terms what this would look like. An unused section of the park converted into a fully function Museum of the Chinguacousys and Canada’s First Nations, together with Chinguacousy Tower and, optionally, our very own Brampton Sign in the spirit of the Hollywood / Toronto place maker signs.


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