Challenge Accepted!

“If you don’t like the job that I am doing, everyone here has an option in 2018 — put your name on the ballot.” – Linda Jeffrey, Current Mayor of Brampton, Ontario, January 19, 2017

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” – My Mom (smart lady) 

We need a leader. Someone who can work with councillors to serve the residents of Brampton. Mayors are not empowered municipal despots with Carte Blanche to impose an agenda or mandate on a City. They are the nominal Head of Council, and serve as the official ambassador of the City. 

But the key word is Serve. 
It’s been said: the  measure of a person is not how many servants  they have, but in how many people they serve. Perhaps if our Mayor understood the basic difference between a “Boss” and a “Leader” we would be able to explore new ideas, and tackle the big challenge of growing a city that has never fully understood what to do with its own identity as a “Bedroom” community.
#MayorJackson2018 is about the need for real leadership, and reminding our Mayor that yes, indeed, we do have “options” and yes, we will put our name “on the ballot.”

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