Time for a diet, Fat Cats! 

City Councillors have a weird power: they vote on their own pay raises. Is it a surprise that raises are routinely approved? Wouldn’t You vote Yourself a pay raise?

There is a straightforward way to solve the problem of the inherent conflict of interest involved in this cycle; and it’s a key component of my mayoral platform.

Before nominations are open for any upcoming election, the current sitting council will approve the pay scale that will be in place for the incoming term (the entire 4 year term and no less) of council. Once a council is elected, they will have no power to alter in any way their own payment schedule. Period. 

In other words, when you run for council, or Mayor, you know what your pay will be and you agree to be paid that amount. No changes until the next election. 

It’s like applying for any other job where the pay is not negotiable. Like most Brampton residents do every single day. 

The next change to the pay scale will then only be made just before the next election, and will apply only to the council that gets elected four years later. 
And voila: the problem of politicians deciding their own salary disappears forever. 

#MayorJackson2018 will implement this policy. 


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