Honesty is important 

We all have moments in our lives where we change our minds.  It’s human nature. Our opinions and views change, evolve  and generally become more informed as we age.

When a politician changes their mind, like John Tory did with Road Tolls, it often comes with a political cost. People are quick to hurl derogatory terms their way, with accusations of Flip Flopping or worse. It is understandable that one might want to minimize these criticisms, as they can be quite harsh. 

But when our political leaders can’t be honest, even with each other, it undermines our collective faith in our leaders. It leads to speculation, conspiracy theories and mistrust on even benign and otherwise innocent decisions. 

If you changed your mind, say so. Admit that yes, your views have changed. Explain what lead to the change. Inform us of the facts. And if there is a political cost, pay it. Take your lumps and stand on the courage of your convictions. 

After all, reasonable people will differ. That too is human nature.

But when someone is willing to throw the entire system under the bus to avoid admitting a mistake (or even more curious, that they just plain changed their mind) to save their own proverbial skin, that someone is clearly not worthy of our trust, nor do they deserve to occupy a position of leadership or authority. 

#MayorJackson2018 is always reading, always learning, and always viewing things with a fresh perspective. This will result in a change of heart from time to time. It’s the natural result of keeping an open mind and thinking critically about issues, even one’s own beliefs. What he won’t do is abandon values or ethics whenever it is politically expedient to do so. 

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