Active living

Active living isn’t a complicated formula. It’s about remembering the things that bring you joy. 

An outdoor skating rink unlocks hours of active fun for the whole family. An outdoor tennis court does the same thing. So does a play structure at a park. 

And not once did I mention a walk or a run or a bike. Those activities are awesome, for those that enjoy them. But active living doesn’t have to involve long distances. It can be as small and simple as building sand castles on a sunny day. 

It’s a simple formula: any form of fun plus not sitting still will keep you active, healthy and mobile. Even those with limited mobility benefit from fresh air, socialization and a variety of activities that suit their abilities (I for one have osteoarthritis, which is not severe but does have some limitations). 
#MayorJackson2018 believes that we get the best value for our housing dollar when we have a diverse range of options for our play time that is reasonable accessible from where we live. More parks plus more things at each park is the key to unlocking active and happy lifestyles, with longevity, vigour and good health. 

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