Downtown streetscaping 

Brampton is having an open house to discuss downtown streetscaping. Here are my observations from my travels to Markham, Ontario. 

Here, we see one Lane through traffic with street parking.  The parking areas are cordoned off from the lane with a curb that contours around the parking spaces. 

A view of the side walk reveals a wide pedestrian walking area, clearly marked “Green P” public parking signage and attractive (albeit basic) brickwork alongside the wide cement sidewalk proper. Also clearly visible is the bike lane marking on the street itself. 

Here we see how the curb itself extends around and segregated the street parking spots, all of which are cleared marked themselves. Trees are incorporated into the scheme and will only add more and more aesthetic value as they grow. 

As mentioned in other posts, travel doesn’t have to take you far to illuminate the value of new ideas. 

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