My Brampton includes Shopper’s World 

I first moved to Brampton in the early 80’s, as a wee grasshopper mind you. One of my first memories in Brampton was seeing E.T. at the Shopper’s World movie theatre. Back when the sign looked like it had faux cowboy stitching around the name of the mall. We lived on Mill Street before Vodden extended past the grocery store on Main Street, and Shoppers World seemed like it was so far away back then.

7 year old me must not be the only one to think that  way though. If you listen to our Mayor talk about it, Shoppers World is on a whole different planet. And it makes me so mad; so very mad; when I hear our Mayor (and her usual band of sycophantic goons) talk about how Brampton isn’t getting the LRT.

Newsflash: Brampton is getting the LRT.

It is running to Shopper’s World.

Shopper’s World Brampton! 

Not for nothing, but it is in fact not only geographically part of Brampton, but it is also the location of one of the three largest bus terminals in our city, home to 100’s of businesses, and the convergence point of multiple bus lines from three transit services (BT, Zum and GO) that just so happens to serve every part of this city, from Bramalea to Heart Lake (our mayor could learn about servicing every part of this city).

Not only is this childish refusal to accept that she lost the HMLRT vote obnoxious on its face, but it is a slap in the face and a real disservice to all of Brampton when our Mayor cannot accept the fact that she has a job to do: plan for the LRT we ARE getting: get to work on official plan updates, secondary plan reviews, zoning changes, and begin the process of solicitation of new businesses and investments to capitalize on the LRT at Gateway (Brampton) so that the legacy of our LRT is not just a “Train to Nowhere.”

The LRT isn’t going to run directly to the GO station along Main? Get over it, and get back to work, Lady! Or step aside for someone who actually likes this city, and gives a rat’s ass about every corner, every business, every mall and every resident who calls this town home; not just the ones within a two block radius of City Hall.

Brampton is not a consolation prize for former Provincial cabinet ministers who jumped ship when the party wasn’t polling so well. It’s home. For me and more than half a million other people, it’s time our leadership acted like they understood that.

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