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I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. We all have biases, beliefs and loyalties which inform our analysis of any question, including me. Which is why I believe in the right of anyone to challenge me, offer opposing views and to prove me wrong if I am wrong.

And I also believe that I have duty to demonstrate that I am not just whistling Dixie with my Wacko musings about the City. And so I return to the following topic: getting ready to receive the LRT. I recently wrote about my frustrations with our Mayor, specifically, because she seems to be fixatated on losing the LRT vote, propagating the idea that Brampton rejected the LRT, and failing to move forward with the LRT that Brampton is welcoming into the city.

The intersection of Steeles and Main is a great example of what I am talking about.


As pictured to the left, that lot was a gas station, years ago. There is a Natural Gas pipeline underneath, and no doubt the owner of the neighbouring strip mall (Kaneff) has its’ own ideas for the future use of this plot of land, but it is a scant 100 meters, if that, from the future LRT station.

What better lot to redevelop than that?


Has the Mayor begun a dialogue between the Gas utility, the land owner and Kaneff?! Maybe she has, but how would we know? She’s been too busy licking her wounds, taking cheap digs at council, and opening plotting to re-fight the Main Street Alignment battle after the next election, arrogantly assuming the job of Mayor is simply hers after the next election.

Well, I think we are all well aware of what “career politicians” can do with those kinds of assumptions. The job of Mayor is only yours until the next election! Re-election is not a right, it’s a privilege you earn by doing your job, and doing it well.

If I am wrong, I am open to hear the evidence. But I don’t see any of the necessary signage to tell me the lot is being redeveloped. Which tells me the Mayor either hasn’t started that conversation, is so mired in her own schemes she doesn’t realize the dialogue is even needed, or doesn’t know how to control her messaging to the public to assure us that the City is doing the needful things, like revised Master Plans, Secondary Plans, Zoning, By-Laws, policies and using her office to reach out to stakeholders and generate dialogues to build consensus and action plans.


Time will tell if our Mayor is able to move forward, using the LRT to build this City into an even greater place to live than she inherited in 2014.

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  1. MaggieGetsIt

    You’re a breath of fresh air – thanks for zeroing in on our mayors obvious shortcomings and at the same time offering some realistic and achievable improvements for our city.

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