Brampton’s new Downtown located!

I wrote about Markham, and it’s development of a downtown separate and apart from it’s “historic downtown” you can read about it here:

Why am I bringing this up? Two things you need to know:

1) Well you see, Canadian Tire is closing its Distribution facility at Bramalea and Steeles (pictured below);

2) and, the Markham downtown development (pictured below) is almost the exact same size as the Canadian Tire Distribution facility. 

It’s true, we could almost exactly replicate that development, a Transit Oriented Development, that is pedestrian and bike friendly, LITERALLY ADJACENT to the GO Train station. 

This is a significant opportunity to explore a rezoning of a large area that would hit a lot of check marks on our wish list. 

Even as a back up, it’s located at a 407 exit, it’s adjacent to a GO station and is highly walkable and connected to public transit: if this doesn’t sound like all the criteria for a location for Brampton University, I don’t know what other evidence you need thatbthe Unjversity is a Vanity project, not a sincer attempt to address the needs of actual students. 

As always, I’d like to know our Mayor is aware of this opportunity, and even if it doesn’t lead to anything, is exploring the idea before Canadian Tire does something irreversible with the land and takes the option away. 

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