Four Corners growth? The answer may surprise you

Let’s suppose we aren’t ready for a “Ring Road” based change to Four Corners. Or that maybe Ring Road itself isn’t all that is needed to breathe life into the Historical Downtown. What is our back up plan?

We are convinced that the greatest impediment to growth in Four Corners, economically, is the limitation on growth of Four Corners, geographically. There needs to be Three Dimensional Growth of the footprint of Four Corners in order for any vibrancy or diversity to take root. Walkable neighbourhoods, such as the Byward Market in Ottawa, benefit from this principle of Three Dimensional space.  A map comparison (below) shows this concept in action, because not only is Byward Market physically much larger than our current “downtown”, it also extends in all four directions to create a vibrant entertainment area.

Four Corners has four quadrants where a Byward Market could be reproduced. In our minds, the best candidate would be the North East quadrant. There is enough room, it would border the GO tracks, is adjacent to the Transit station and future site of Metrolinx parking structure, and combined with the existing Main Street properties, would create a block of properties that is up to 5 blocks long and 3 blocks deep, a real Three Dimensional area for people to visit, explore and spend time. This is, design wise, far superior of the notion of a “strip of properties” which you can only sort walk past, turn around and come back the way you came, with nothing new to explore.

Brampton Byward Market.png

By the Numbers

Ottawa Brampton
Urban Area: 501.92 km2  Area: 266.71 sq km
 Urban Population (2016): 934,243 Population (2016): 593,638 
Urban Density: 1,860.1/km2 Population density: 2,228.7/sq km
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