Offleash Dog Parks, because come on, look at that face!

Little things are often the biggest things. When we had dogs, they would love going to the off leash parks. We lived on Centre Street, before the Duggan Park offleash area was completed. Our personal favorites were Heart Lake at White Spruce, and Williams Parkway at 410. The odd thing was, we didn’t go as often as our dog’s would have liked because we always had to drive there to use them. This turned an active outdoor activity into an unnecessary car ride.  We need more of these parks. And we need to spread them around into more neighborhood.

A few great opportunities jump immediately to mind, but one in particular comes to mind, as I have a great number of fond memories of cutting my hair cut at the Italian Barber’s shop in Avondale Mall. Across the street is a  lot of parkland, some of which could no doubt be converted into an Offleash park. I am sure the residents of the two beautiful new rental towers next door would probably agree that such a space would be a real boon to residents, and draw people to the neighborhood to help the vendors in the adjacent Avondale Mall.


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