This man learned to be absolutely Fearless. How he did it will shake you to the core.

Someone tried to tell me I didn’t have any ideas of my own, once … ONCE!
Okay, so stealing that joke isn’t the best way to illustrate my creativity.
Back in the day, we had a simple rule: when someone suggested an activity, no matter how much you hated the idea, you weren’t allowed to say No unless you had another idea. We called this concept “Fearless Leader” and the first person to shoot down any idea was automatically designated Fearless Leader, and was instantly put in charge of deciding what activity the group was doing instead. Don’t want to go to LaserTag? You’d better have a Plan B or you’re playing LaserTag my friend (that, or we would all stare the person, not speaking, until they came up with something else).
 Rest assured, I am never short of ideas. What that person didn’t know is, I am a Fearless Leader champion. You see, growing up we had a family friend that would always say “I’m from Missouri .. the Show Me State” so for me, it’s fun when someone challenges me to “put up or shut up.”  As you may have noticed, I never shut up.
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