Obstructionists!!! The smoking gun that proves the conspiracy of the Sinister Six

Facts are funny things, in that they are true regardless of your beliefs.

There is a lot of chatter on social media about “the Sinister Six” or “Obstructionist6” and a real attempt to paint certain of our city Councillors as standing in the way of our Mayor’s agenda.  The Mayor herself has made  multiple remarks about a divided council that won’t seem to support her, despite her electoral mandate to shake things up.

It makes a nice, if not divisive, narrative (an irony in and of itself).  So I thought, before I make an uninformed decision about these rogue City Councillors that are making life difficult for our Mayor, maybe I would peruse the City of Brampton’s records of Recorded Votes and see what all the fuss is about. We start with a bit of background:

  • As you know, controversial votes tend to be recorded votes.  Any Councillor can call for a recorded vote if there is any sense that the voting record will be needed at a later date. The LRT vote was a recorded vote, for instance.
  • As you may also know, the rules of order require that one person make a motion, another person second the motion, and then all the Councillors vote on the motion. In a recorded vote, the Minutes of the meeting will look like this:
    • C316-2016 Moved by City Councillor Fortini
      Seconded by Regional Councillor Palleschi
      That the Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of October 26, 2016, to the Council Meeting of November 9, 2016, be approved as printed and circulated.

So, I took an hour of my time to review all of the Recorded Votes taken by Council and the Various committees our City Councillors sit on. These votes are accessible here: 2014-2018 Term of Council Recorded Votes

What did I find buried in the Minutes? What smoking guns are hidden in the details that can finally expose the sinister machinations of the Sinister Six / Obstructionist6?

Sit down now, this is going to rock your world!

The following is a list of every Motion that has been “Moved by” the Mayor and the list of every result of the recorded votes that followed:

Date Result
Dec 10 2014 c317-2014 Carried
Feb 11 2015 c034-2015 Carried
May 4 2015 c140-2015 Carried
May 20 2015 c174-2015 Carried
Sept 30 2015 C297-2015 Carried
Oct 14 2015 c315-2015 Carried
Jan 27 2016 c014-2016 Carried
April 8 2016 c109-2016 Carried
April 8 2016 c110-2016 Carried
June 22 2016 c212-2016 Carried
Oct 12 2016 c296-2016 Lost 8 -2 against, only Medeiros supporting

So, not only has our Mayor only Moved 11 motions in her entire term of office, the Sinister Six has voted against ONE of those motions! ONE!!!

These Madmen Must Be Stopped!

Now, that is not to say that the Mayor agrees with everything the City Council does, or vice versa. Certainly, this is not to say the Mayor has been on the winning side of every vote. Maybe she voted For something that did not pass, or has voted against things that Did Pass. But in terms of Motions actually Brought Forward by the Mayor? She’s batting .909

Take with a grain of salt this narrative that the Mayor is fighting a hostile Council on every issue, that council is somehow out to get her. The facts are pretty obvious. 

First and foremost, while a more exhaustive and exhausting review would be needed to establish exact figures, my cursory review tells me that the Mayor has tabled the least number of motions of anyone on council, including the rookie Councillors.  

Second, and just as importantly, when she does decide to bring her decade of political experience to bear and actually tables a motion, council does, 90.9% of the time, actually support her. The only motion of hers to ever be defeated was defeated more than soundly, suggesting that only Medeiros (her infallibly loyal sycophant) was willing to back her. 

So in summary, when I look at the facts, I am not at all impressed with this particular conspiracy theory.


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