Brampton never gets it Fair Share!

Do you realize that Brampton doesn’t have an Airport?
And at no time is the government going to build us one?!?
Snubbed Again!!! And I cannot bite my tongue!
No Airport for B-Town,  no respect I guess either?
How dare they snub us? We will not take a breather!
We are Canada’s Youngest City, and fastest growing, too!
Yet, no airport! Why not? Answer me this, I demand it of you!
Caledon, to the north, is much smaller than we,
But, it has an airport, much to their glee.
There’s an International ‘port, Found in the ‘Sauga,
We need one too, to greet the Lady Gaga!
Just look at London, It has an Airport!
We are larger, grow faster, and are younger I retort!
From Toronto, flys Porter, on a floating island ‘port,
Yet in Brampton, we are snubbed, like a discarded escort.
We deserve an Airport,  what’s with the snubs?
We want more than mini malls, T-shops, tug & rubs.
Build us an Airport, or explain to me why not,
Don’t disappoint us, our votes wait to be bought.
We deserve an Airport, and we deserve it now,
Or we’ll bounce you out of office, you pork barrel sows!
We want it, we need it, we deserve one that is new,
If they’re going to get one, then we get one too!

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