Tired of Provincial surprises? Where are the messengers?

This week, city council expressed frustration that Brampton won’t have a stop on the High Speed Rail route.  While I disagree that a Malton stop leaves Brampton off the route (…. It’s not Rail’s fault we haven’t integrated Malton/Pearson into our planning and zoning and have idiots who keep trying to put our downtown half a world away in Four Corners; don’t get me going… ) I do have to come to our councillors defense on one important issue: the chain of command. 

The “province” is the decision maker, the parent of you will. The “city” is just the babysitter, given a modicum of authority over largely local issues the province wouldn’t have time to manage without a lower, municipal level of governance. This is the premise of downloading. 

It is also why we have city councillors, and Provincial MPP’s.  City councillors run the city.  Provincial MPP’s run the province. The big money, and therefore the big decisions, are made at the Province, and trickle down to the city level. 

Of these two groups of people, the responsibility to know of, and be informed about, provincial project belongs to the MPP’s. Not city staff or city councillors. It is our MPP’s who need to fight for hospital funding, for more transit funding, for an HSR stop, for more education dollars, more affordable housing dollars. They are the people making these decisions. 

Don’t be mislead by those who would be your next mayor or ward councillor, the very vocal local personalities who would have you pile on our city councillors right now.  The failure to Communicate the province’ plans for High Speed Rail and to advocate for a Brampton stop along the corridor lies with our MPP’s, who are working in the Provincial Government at this very moment. They are failing us. They are not advocating for Brampton. They are resting in their laurels, collecting their paycheques and pension contributions and health benefits and failing to deliver us the next hospital, the next affordable housing project. They didn’t tell us this was coming. They didn’t invite us to the discussions. 
If you are upset at how Bramptonis being treated by the Province, our MPP’s are: 
Vic Dhillon http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_detail.do?locale=en&ID=2109
Harinder Malhi @harindermalhi

Jagmeet Singh @thejagmeetsingh

Amrit Mangat @amritmagat_mpp

I invite you to express your displeasure directly. I know I will.

2018 is going to be a very busy year! 

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