Quietly, while no one was looking …

If you haven’t been Downtown Brampton lately, I invite you to take  a stroll down George Street, from Nelson to Gage Park.  George Street is quietly becoming everything we ask our Downtown to be.  Wide pedestrian friendly sidewalks, an urban feel, new shops (welcome to the Neighborhood Sunset Grill and others), vibrant and equipped parkland, plenty of parking … in other words: Quietly, while no one was looking, George Street became the new Main Street.

With the changes that have been made, and in the interests of evolving the Downtown into a 3 Dimensional Space, I wonder if it’s possible to move the Farmer’s Market to George Street. This will free up Rose Theatre Square to run weekly programs and events that compliment the Farmer’s Market while at the same time diversifying the Downtown Brampton lifestyle offerings. It will bring incentive to the gentrification of the remainder of George Street properties, and help push the evolution of Downtown even more westward toward and onto Elizabeth Street (north and south) and help revitalize the western edge of our Downtown in a way that the existing projects in the area haven’t.

It’s food (pun intended) for thought anyway.

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