I see skies of blue, and clouds of white; I dream of riding, to Port Credit on my bike, and I think to myself …

The Etobicoke Creek Trail let you travel from Duggan Park to Mayfield Road without ever crossing a street. It’s a wonderful amenity, and a really underutilized park system and riverwalk area.

When you look at an eagle’s eye view of Brampton, there is actually a bigger river with the potential to house a similar multi-use laneway path. Parts of the creek system already have this infrastructure in place, in fact. But my dream, my goal, is a concerted, multi-city, multi-region integration project, not unlike a miniature version of the Bruce Trail, to get from Georgetown to Port Credit along the riverside of Credit River. Highlighted in Yellow is the course of the River that would represent over 30 km of potentially continuous, car free, multi-use laneway that could connect Georgetown to Port Credit.

Port Credit to Georgetown Trail

So this is me, putting this out into the Universe!

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