Always on the GO

As I drove to the Port Credit GO Station, I asked my passenger to take a quick photo of the Square One Skyline, noting with interest that my hands free GPS was telling me I was still 6km away from the station.  This is just the North-West portion of the skyline, and doesn’t hold a candle to the full view (but hey I was driving, I’ll take the photo I get legally).


So I thought to myself, Self, surely there must be another GO Train station around here that I’m just not aware of. After all, it’s certainly been implied to me that a GO Train station is THE cornerstone around which all planning must be based.

GO Train myths exposed


  • Square One is 4 km away from the nearest GO Train station, and 6km away from the Port Credit Station. Highway 10 / Hurontario has achieved high urban densities along the corridor reaching to Highway 403. The density is not clustered around the GO Stations.
  • Bramalea City Centre is 3.9km from the Bramalea GO Station, and is without argument a more successful retail area than Four Corners, which is attached to the GO Train Station.

So, unless there is a GO Train station in Square One I don’t know about, and that Google Maps doesn’t know about…. I’m not convinced that a GO Train station is the prerequisite I have been told that it. Yes, a GO Train station presents a competitive advantage, but the evidence suggests that it might only be one factor in a complex myriad of social, geographic and economic considerations that drive consumer and business decisions.

So, if it’s not true that a GO Station is the bedrock of retail and cultural success … what else might not be true?

Other Facts:

  • UofT Mississauga is 2.5km away from Meadowvale GO and 5.1km from the Clarkson GO station
  • UofT Toronto is 2.5km from Union Station
  • University of Guelph is 3km from the Guelph GO Station
  • University of Waterloo and Laurier are about 5km from the GO Station
  • Western is almost 4km from the GO Station
  • University of Ottawa and Carleton? approximately 4km and 7km away from the train station
  • Sheridan College Brampton is 7.5km from Bramalea GO and over 5km from the Brampton GO station
  • Georgian College Barrie is 7km from the GO train



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