When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. The details will shake you to your core

Okay, I’m not wrong this time, necessarily, but yes, that handsome fellow had one helluva good point!  Let me explain…

I met with a resident of the area I call Central Brampton, to discuss the needs of residents. This fellow, who asked not to be named, spoke to me of his love for the city, and his family, and almost as if this was the most important thing, his desire to prove me wrong.

He had read my proposal to build a Museum of Native American history within Chinguacousy Park, and while he liked the idea (he remembers the old “Indian Line Road” after all), he thinks that what Brampton should really be building is an Aerospace Museum.  After all, isn’t Brampton where they built the Canadarm? Wasn’t Peel Region home to the Avro Arrow?  We have so much to be proud of, so much National Pride is locally based, yet … we have nothing to show for it?  Brampton is already home to athletic, nature and wedding tourism. But what about more traditional sight seeing tourism? Wouldn’t a day trip from Toronto to the home of the Canadarm and Avro Arrow stand as a legitimate draw?

Let me be the first to say it: I was not wrong about my proposal, I stand by it, but he was absolutely right about his proposal.

#MayorJackson2018 will be on top of this like an articulated mechanical arm on a space craft.


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