My presentation to Committee of Council on my request to open the question of the university location to public comment

The following is my presentation to the Committee of Council, which approved, in principle, the commitment to spend $150 Million in support of the Ryerson Sheridan University Campus, together with accessory Research and Innovation Building. I am a fan of the plan. I only object to the lack of public input on where such an investment would best serve the purpose of the University (that being to build a successful university). I requested that the staff report be accepted, but with the proviso that the acceptance of the report would not commit the city to building this project in Downtown Brampton. My request was debated and ultimately not accepted, with Council unanimously accepting the report as is, and committing to fund the project in a Downtown location (yet to be publicly disclosed, mind you).

I have a lot of unanswered questions about how a location was selected without council or public input. I have a lot of questions about the Mayor’s ties to the University of Ryerson and the Education Ministry, and about what backroom deals have been made outside of public oversight or scrutiny.  So much for #Transparency and #Accountabilty.

Even if this is the right result for Brampton (and it may be), I am not too pleased about how we got here. The ends, as they say, don’t justify the means.


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    • Brampton Bruin

      Sadly the decision was made months, if not years, ago. Transparency matters, but only when I am criticizing expense account reports of rivals on council.


    • My presentation was not intended to be a catalogue of every available parcel of land. As it was, I went twice the allowed amount of time. But yes, that site would be excellent for a number of reasons as well.


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