Bad Theatre. What to expect from today’s health care announcement

8:43 am typing on mobile so please excuse errors till I can edit this at a computer
At 11 am this morning, I’ll be at Peel Memorial to hear the health care announcement. I think $188 Million but could be wrong.

It’ll all be presented as “We have heard your pleas. We know your struggle. We never listened before. But since an election is only months away, please accept this new promise of funding in place of our prior unfulfilled promises of funding. Please re-elect us!”

If the events of the last few weeks have had you wondering  “why after all this time is this suddenly in the news, in the mayor’s Facebook feed, being discussed at city council and now there’s a big announcement?” Well don’t be naive: this is all just bad theatre designed to make liberal candidates look good in advance of an approaching election with very uncertain outcomes.

Don’t buy it.

Your votes are not for sale.

Our sick citizens need beds every year, not just election year.

And don’t let liberal party insiders use cheapmparkir tricks and magical misdirection to fool you into thinking they have had our backs this whole time. The events of the last few weeks have NOT been a string of fortuitous coincidences. The liberals are playing Dress Up as Dr McCoy, and we are the expendable Red Shirted extras in this terrible screen play.

See you at 11 at Peel Memorial.

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