Started from the bottom, now christmas is here

I grew up in Heart Lake. Fancy huh? Well, sort of.  See, I grew up in the housing projects that just sort of happened to be in Heart Lake (to the chagrin of the neighbours). I was the youngest of three brother’s,  had a single mother doing her best, and yes, we had some tight years.  As a kid, I loved every christmas and didn’t notice really, but in retrospect, I have come to understand and respect how my mother must have struggled to pull off those christmas miracles.

But I have grown to suspect that there were probably years when a “Helping Hand” was involved, too. Whether it was a friend of the family, an agency, a social worker, who knows?  As my children age, and I see first hand how expensive it can be to raise a child, let alone children (plural!), I appreciate how many families must also struggle.

This year, I am committed to being the Helping Hand.  On Friday November 17th, at 6pm, just before the City Hall Tree Lighting ceremony, I will be donating over 100 toys to the Toys for Tots “Cram-a-Cruiser” event in Gage Park.  I hope you can consider bring some new and unwrapped toys to the event as well.



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