This post is rated 18A for graphic content

Warning: Graphic Content ahead

This post is about food allergies and intolerances, and what the Region of Peel should be doing about restaurants. But, seriously, its not too late to go read some Spider Man comics.

You’re still here? Well, okay!

So here’s the thing about food allergies and intolerances: they suck. I know, I myself am lactose intolerant.

What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t mean I am a Vegan, a hippie or a pot head. I’m not hooked on smack and I’m not some attention seeking whiner. It just means that if I consume dairy, I will shit blood for up to 12 hours afterwards. It’s fun times!!

This is not a challenge when I eat at home: I just don’t eat Dairy. Problem solved!

And I suspect you are thinking: a lactose intolerance like that would easy to manage outside of your home too: just don’t eat dairy when you are out either, duh!

But that is where you would be wrong. So very, sadly, this isn’t your fault dear reader and I can’t believe this even needs to be discussed, very wrong about that.

Quick history lesson: I have lost track of the number of wait staff that don’t seem to know what Dairy is. I’ll ask: “Is there Dairy in that?” And in return I’ll get a blank stare. Now, I usually forgive servers, after all, wait staff don’t necessarily know the first thing about food or food preparation. They are servers, not chefs.

But when a restaurant owner or a chef doesn’t know what Dairy is? That to me is a different caliber of dangerous. Because if a chef doesn’t know that yogurt is dairy, when I ask: “Is there dairy in that?” They are quite likely to say “Nope” and happily serve me something with yogurt in it. And, for up to 12 hours … well you know.

Earlier today, I had this exact experience. “No sir. The garlic sauce does not have dairy.” I was told this by the chef. THE CHEF! Well guess what sweet cheeks! Oh yes it did.

Now, imagine if you yourself had, for example, a Salmonella Intolerance. Would you expect that a chef would serve you some raw chicken because the chef didn’t realize that raw chicken carried Salmonella? Of course not! You would expect a chef (of all people) to understand that Salmonella and Raw Chicken hang our at all the same parties. And that a chef would be able to tell you that chicken sashimi is not the food for you if you a Salmonella Intolerance (fun fact: 100% of people in our poll reported being allergic to Salmonella, huh!).

And this where the Region of Peel comes in. By what machinations is the Region of Peel able to issue a Green Pass to a Restaurant when the owner and the chef don’t even know what “Dairy” is?

Yet, here I am, poisoned.

The Region needs to take some action on Food Allergies and Food Intolerances. At a minimum, restaurant’s should not be able to serve food if the owners and the chefs aren’t able to correctly identify the major food allergens, and what forms the allergies can take. For instance, a quick test of “What is Dairy? What is Gluten? What is a nut?” Should be as mandatory as drivers writing the test on the Drivers Handbook before getting a to drive a car. In both of those examples, ignorance can be deadly.

Rest assured, #MayorJackson2018 will definitely be working on the whole “don’t serve people food that will make them shit blood” thing.

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