How ravines should be used in City Building

This is not an Advertorial or Endorsement of a builder. But I do want to draw attention to a project because it perfectly illustrates how Brampton has mishandled our existing topography.  This project, Urban Ravine, demonstrates how a natural feature can be used to build liveable and attractive condo developments. Check it out here:

Brampton has some buildings along Mill Street that sort of get this idea right, but not entirely.  But all along the Etobicoke Creek and along Chinguacousy Trail, the most innovative thing we have built along our own ravines has been the back of end of single family residual units. Hardly the highest and best use of attractive natural spaces, active living areas and free recreational spaces.

There are more ravines in Brampton. The Clairville Watershed isn’t entirely built out. There are waterways on the West end of the city without developments completely engulfing them. Hopefully someone in our planning department is paying attention and can start to envision better options for our natural habitat than more the of the same old same old suburban backyards. Or maybe someone on City Council will recognize that its not too late to pass a motion protecting our Ravine Lots for future intensified housing options, much in the same way they have protected future hospital and employment lands.



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