Mt. Chinguacousy Re-Imagined .. this time with Photoshop!

I have photoshop now. I am still learning how it all works. But, since I used MS Paint last time, I thought I’d try to use Photoshop to demonstrate how a Museum, or Convention Centre, or a Hotel, would work if built into the back of Chinguacousy Hill.

The image you see is an actual image of the Utah Natural History Museum superimposed on Chinguacousy Hill. Specifically, that is the Rio Tinto Centre, home of the Museum since 2011.  From wikipedia: The Rio Tinto Center is a 163,000-square-foot building set in foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. Visitors: About 250,000 Annually.  Also included in the photo is a “To Scale” representation of the footprint of the Museum. I didn’t get the height right, but I bet I’m pretty close on the width.


Here are other views:

rio tinto

rio tinto 2

rio tinto 3

All of which is to say: Chinguacousy Park is a beautiful facility. Many people have wedding photos taken in the park and the green houses. Why not a hotel along the lines of the Old Mill in Toronto?

Or a combined facility and one of the floors is just the top of the ski hill, where you can rent skis, drink hot chocolate and sit and read while your kids learn to ski?

Or an observation tower?  Or a museum? Or an Aquarium? Or anything other than an eyesore and dangerous slope inviting futher disaster?

Chinguacousy Park can be elevated to an even bigger tourist attraction. Why aren’t we developing it more inventively?

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