All Day Two Way GO Service: Just another Magic Bean that doesn’t mean what they say it means

As I ponder the upcoming 2018, I am reminded that Brampton has long awaited All Day Two Way GO Service.  It’s an idea so old that many have shortened it to AD2W GO without confusing anyone. But like the promises of bringing a University to Downtown Brampton (ignore the Algoma hiding behind the curtain), bringing more transit to Downtown Brampton (ignore all the trains and buses hiding behind the curtain), building state of the art new Rec Centres (ignore the crumbling existing rec centres, hiding behind the curtain), and the uniting of council (ignore the eight councillors who get along just fine and speak respectfully of and about each other), the promise of AD2W GO is just another magic bean, Jack.

You see, Brampton already actually has GO Service that runs from Brampton to Union Station from 4:35 a.m. to 1:05 a.m.; and back from Union Station to Brampton from 5:50 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.  So, except for the very middle of the night, it really is running Two Ways, All Day.

Granted it’s all day two way bus service. But understand, this all day two way bus service is on top of very regular train service during peak rush hour travel times. Our travel demand is being met in terms of capacity to carry passengers to Union Station.

What Brampton needs is to move the service to a more central location, and partner the service with a user friendly Park and Ride Lot. A well lit one, surrounding by commerce and retail where one could grab a coffee and a magazine while you wait for the bus to arrive. Say, at Trinity Common (which has an existing bus station configuration that could be improved upon), or, negotiate with the Mall owner on the SW Corner of 410 and Queen to build a GO Bus Transit Hub in the geographic middle of the City. This would not only make access to the existing All Day Two Way GO service more physically accessible to all of Brampton residents, but would provide an economic boost in the heart of our Queen Street Corridor.

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