Money and politics are an interesting mix

What if I told that you out of the Personal Donors who contributed to my campaign so far, 61.15% of them didn’t even live in Brampton?

What if I also told you that out of all the Corporate Donations I have received to date, 59.3% of the Corporations weren’t based in Brampton?

What if I told you that a Developer gave me both a Personal Donation and a Corporate donation? And another business owner in town gave me a Personal Donation, plus a donation from each of two different Corporations that he was president of?

Well, there is nothing illegal about any of that. Is there? So you probably wouldn’t even say anything really. You’d probably just kind of pat me on the back and say “Good job fundraising, Wes! Good luck in the election!” Right? Nothing to see here?

But I think, despite the perfect legality of it all, it does raise questions. Why are so many people and corporations in Newmarket, Toronto, Ottawa, Limehouse, Woodbridge, Oakville, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke and Markham taking such interest in a Brampton candidate? People and businesses from Mississauga and Caledon, sure! As Mayor, I’ll also sit on Regional Council. So of course you would expect people and companies in Mississauga and Caledon to take an interest in a candidacy. But for over 60% of donations to come from people who don’t even live in Brampton to come flooding into my coffers? And over 59% of Corporate donations from out of jurisdiction corporations?

Again, not LEGAL Questions…. I’m not saying it raises LEGAL questions because it doesn’t!!  But it does raise questions about priorities, loyalties and the source of information and influence, doesn’t it?  Who am I really intending to represent if I win this election? Am I doing it for the residents? Or is there something else at work here?

Anyway, I’ve a fundraiser to get to. Tootles.

One comment

  1. peter bailey

    Take a look at the 2014 election accountability posted on the City web site for Jeffrey and Medeiros. The majority of contributions are of people and companies and organizations that are not in Brampton.



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