It’s the little things

A city doesn't have the power to change the world. Brampton has no say in military spending, trade tariffs or insurance rates. So making a difference really boils down to thinking globally and acting locally. Take a problem as global as sexism. After all, we can't pass a by-law that cures the world of sexism.... Continue Reading →

On now: Guess the Campaign Slogan Contest

Every campaign needs a good slogan. And I have settled on mine. If you can guess my campaign slogan, you could win a free lawn sign! Put your guess in the comments section for a chance to win. Hint: I'm currently 6'4" (ish) and weigh about 360lbs. There really is only one possibility.    

Our stop in Atlanta, Georgia

I was in Atlanta, Georgia, and had an opportunity to flip through a quick tourist magazine. I took some pics, as a lot of what was on offer are ideas I have espoused for Brampton. For instance, I have argued for an installation to be built into the back side of Mt. Chinguacousy. Options include... Continue Reading →

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